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Laser Dentistry Diploma :


Diploma Contents & Schedule :

Module 1 : Laser Basics

-LASER Physics

-Laser Device structure

-How to handle a LASER device

-Types of LASERS used in Dentistry

Module 2 : Diode Lasers

-Diode LASER-tissue interaction

-Mode of operation

-Difference between wavelengths of LASER devices

-Clinical Applications

-Photo bio modulation “Low Level LASER Therapy”

Module 3 : Erbium Lasers

-Erbium LASER-tissue interaction

-Mode of Operation

-Pointing out the differences between their types

-Clinical Applications

Module 4 : Laser Safety

-LASER Hazards

-LASER Safety Instructions

-LASER device handling and maintenance

Diploma Instructor : Dr Ayman Al-Amin

  • Assistant Researcher – Operative Department – National Research Centre

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