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About us

a- History:
The Mediance Academy has been established since 2014 to benefit graduated doctors, dentists, pharmacists and nurses in their specialty.
b-why Mediance Academy?
Because Mediance Academy always strives for the best doctors in their field and to provide every update happening on the field.

a. Vision
It is our priority to present the advanced principles of science to trainees, not only in theoretical studies but also by focusing on the practical part that makes the trainee able to work efficiently to create a new generation qualified to start a successful course.
b. Mission
The main mission of the Academy is to provide the necessary requirements for doctors, dentists and pharmacists through the courses provided by the Academy with practical degrees in Egypt and the Arab world.
c. Values
Follow the continuous scientific development all over the world
Explore and create advanced teaching methods to achieve excellence in training to create strong competitors
d. Goals & Objectives
-Graduation of batches of distinguished students with great practical knowledge
-Achieve greater credibility in the field of medical training.
-Expanding wide branches in all Arab countries.

Business concept:
Practical diplomas & training programs in medical, dentistry & pharmaceutical sciences.

Professional Courses & Training Programs:
-Dental Implant
-Dentistry Cosmetic
-Clinical Pharmacy (Academic for BPS)
-Clinical Pharmacy (Practical)
-HCQM & CPHQ Preparation
-Hospital Management
-Infection Control

-A selection of courses qualify the students to the highest educational levels
-Online courses with live broadcast of lectures, which allows full interaction between the lecturer and the trainees

Business Competitiveness:
-Cooperating with a great selection of lecturers at the highest scientific levels from the best Universities in Egypt
-All the courses using live cases qualify for the best practical exercises
-Providing highly equipped classrooms
-Highest levels of the useful hand outs

Business Model:
Providing service in one of the highest scientific fields like medicine especially with its rapid development makes us strongly seek to always develop our ways to deliver this development to our students in order to help them upgrading this domain in Egypt and the Arab Countries

Completed Projects:
2 groups in (NBED) National American Board of Dental Examination.
4 groups in Dental Aesthetics.
5 groups in Dental Implant.
3 groups in Endodontics.
12 groups in Orthodontic.
5 groups in (MJDF) Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties Preparation.
3 groups in (MFD) Minimum Focusing Distance Preparation.
5 groups in (ORE) Preparation.
5 groups in Clinical Pharmacy
4 groups in Infection Control
4 groups in Hospital Management
4 groups in HCQM & CPHQ Preparation

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