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Basic Dental Implant



Aim of this Program:

Imparting the knowledge needed for private practitioners to treat almost of the dental implant placement cases that walk into their clinic with a push start in their journey of clinical expertise.


Course Outlines :

-Diagnosis & treatment planning

-Indications  VS Contraindications

-Implant  Selection

-Surgery, fabless, flab and suturing—workshop cheap head


-Implant placement on casts—Workshop

-The Knowledge of using Cone Beam CT software, Hands on

-Implant placement in Clinical case

-Prosthetic  part theoretical and clinical case

( Fees Includes 2 Implants )

( In case of attendee likes to place more implants, will just pay for the extra implants )

Duration : 7 Days (Theoretical & Workshop & Practical)

Online System : Watching lecture live at it's time & Interacting with instructors . After lecture you can watch the record on our online application.


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